TOTSU has been adopted!

Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources & Education

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Dogs for Adoption ~Here are a few of the many dogs available for adoption. Please visit the Animal Shelter in person to see our entire, wonderful selection. For Shelter hours, visit the Adoption page.

AMY is a purebred Basset Hound. She is having the tumor on her head removed thanks to the ICARE Stitch Fund, which pays for veterinary care for our special needs Shelter animals. If you'd like to make a donation to help Amy and other deserving Shelter animals like her, visit the ICARE Stitch Fund page for more info.

MICKEY and RICKY are two adorable Teacup Chihuahuas. Mickey (on left) weighs about 2 lbs and Ricky (on right) weighs about 3 lbs. Because they are so tiny, they would do best in a home with no small children to prevent accidents. These two boys are a tad shy, but they would love to be cherished “lap dogs.” ISO soft-spoken, gentle adopters. 

SHARLA is a 10-week old female Lab/Pit mix puppy. Her ears meet in the middle and look like she's wearing a fancy bow in her hair. She is a mellow and affectionate youngster ready to start her life as your beloved companion.

SHEP is a 6-month old Shepherd mix  all the way from Charleston View in Death Valley! He is a lucky boy to be outta there! Now he can find a loving home where he will be loved and adored.

JENNY is an incredibly sweet 5-month old Pit mix puppy girl. She kind of looks like she's wearing pink lipstick, doesn't it? You'll want to kiss her once you meet her and see what an angel she is.

WILSON is a compact little tank of a Pit Bill. He uses all that muscle to wiggle his body in waves of cheerful tail wagging. He is a cuddle-bunny, too! Don't let the breed's bad rap prevent you from considering adding this happy-go-lucky fellow to your family. You'll be glad you did!

BO is a handsome American Bulldog with a heart of absolute gold. He adores children and is a natural born babysitter. Bo is sweet and gentle and ready to become an important part of your family.

DOBBY is a young, mild-mannered blue-eyed Border Collie/Staffie mix. He's not just another pretty face! Dobby is clever and eager to please. What more could you ask for?
 WHEELER is a one-year old gentle-as-a-lamb Pit mix boy. The vet believes he may have suffered mild neurological damaged at birth and, consequently is what you might call "special." His favorite thing in the world is to cuddle and just hang out with people. If you've been looking for a true blue buddy, Wheeler is your dog!

BENNY is a fabulous 1-year old Black Lab/American Bulldog mix. He walks like a champion on his leash, is good with children and house-trained. In other words, he's ready to settle in with your family from the get-go!

We've been adopted!