MILES is a cool lil' dude!

Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources & Education

P.O. Box 76
Bishop, CA 93515

Dogs for Adoption ~ Here are a few of the many dogs available for adoption. Please visit the Animal Shelter in person to see our entire, wonderful selection. For Shelter hours, visit the Adoption page.

 MILES is a too-cute-for-words Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He's about 12" at the shoulder and weighs approximately 12 lbs. He's a stocky, short-legged bundle of fun! If you've been dreaming of a small dog, Miles is just the ticket!

 WHEELER is a one-year old gentle-as-a-lamb Pittie Boy. His favorite thing in life is to cuddle with humans! Looking for true companionship, Gabe is your boy!

 KANGAROO is a Black Lab mix who was born February 7th (guess that makes him an Aquarius!). He's pretty mellow for an 8-month old puppy and exceptionally loving, too. Kangaroo is a medium-sized pooch who will fit into just about any home!

 SUN-SUN is a Chocolate Lab/Pittie mix who also happens to have been born on February 7th (yes, he's KANGAROO's brother). Like is bro, he's medium-sized and has a joyful, intelligent temperament. Daily rounds of fetch and walks/runs would be the ideal scenario for Sun-Sun. 

 FRANNIE is the current Sweetheart of the Shelter. She's been enjoying daily runs with Shelter Manager, Julie, who says Frannie is amazing on-leash! Julie says Frannie is exceptionally sweet and tender-hearted. In other words, this 7-month old pup is super adoptable and ready for her forever home.

 EDDIE RAY is an adult, crème-colored Pomeranian. He weighs about 7-8 lbs. and is approximately 10" at the shoulder. Hey, just because he's small doesn't mean he wouldn't love daily activities! Eddie Ray is a go-er and loves going for walks! Can't you just picture yourself prancing proudly down the street with your rescued Pomeranian?

 TRAVIS is a 2-year old Poodle mix. We're guessing he's mixed with Cocker Spaniel because has some of that breed's characteristics and is about the same size, too. He arrived a matted mess, but our favorite groomer, Julie McWithey, donated his haircut and make-over. Now Travis is ready for his close-up, er. I mean new home!

 KANYE is a Kelpie/Lab mix. Don't be fooled by his intense gaze. He's just tapping into his herding heritage (Kelpie). You can channel that into an amazing, active walking/running partner. He's such a smart boy!

BRANDY is a joyful adult Australian Cattle Dog mix. She's having a great time going for walks with the volunteer dog-walkers, but would be even happier (if that's at all possible!), if she were to be adopted by a loving family who will cherish her and dote on her. 

We've been adopted!