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The Stitch Fund - How it all began ...

No one knows just how long the Yellow Labrador lay there slowly succumbing to his injuries before a good Samaritan came along and called Animal Control for help. The dog, who came to be called "Stitch", had been laying helpless for days before being spotted. He was immediately rushed to the Bishop Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Kristen Mason picks up the story: "The big Yellow Lab arrived at the hospital badly injured, emaciated, dehydrated and in obvious shock. It appeared he had been attacked by another dog or several dogs. Bite wounds had punctured his shoulders and back allowing severe infection to set in with blood accumulating in large pockets beneath the skin. I had to make a sizable incision to lift the skin and disinfect the underlying area. Over 100 stitches were required to close the surgical site. The dog had to be hospitalized for ten days while he recovered from his ordeal."

Stitch was then taken to the Inyo County Animal Shelter, but his owner never came forward to claim him. The veterinary bill was over $400, so, ICARE asked the community to donate to the newly dubbed "Stitch Fund" to help pay for his surgery. The outpouring of support was incredible and soon Stitch's medical costs had been covered. Stitch was placed up for adoption and found a loving home in Independence, CA.

That was almost ten years ago. Before ICARE established the Stitch Fund in 2002, ill or injured Shelter animals were usually humanely euthanized because the County budget did not and does not provide for "special needs" animals. Ever since then, the ICARE Stitch Fund has been providing lifesaving treatment for these very deserving animals and making it possible for them to find loving, adoptive homes.

This is what the Stitch Fund has spent on Shelter animals in need since it started. We couldn't do it without you and are grateful for the many, many dogs and cats you have helped!

   2004      2,381.60

  2005      4,735.63

  2006      4,187.66
  2007      7,917.92
  2008      9,708.84
  2009      2,280.15

2010      6,383.00
  2011     11,784.70
  2012       6,104.32
  2013       7,834.20
  2014       9,550.40 
TOTAL:  $72,875.42

If you'd like to help a special needs Shelter cat or dog, your donation to the ICARE Stitch Fund will do just that. If you'd like a printable pdf version of the 2014 poster above, click here.