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ICARE Helping Pets for 20 Years!  

   The people of the Eastern Sierra love their pets. They prove this through their continued support of ICARE (Inyo/Mono County Animal Resources and Education), the local animal welfare organization that is celebrating its 20th anniversary of helping pets in need. ICARE started in 1996 with a plea for help to raise money for much-needed improvements to the old animal shelter in Big Pine and it has been helping pets ever since.
    ICARE is an all-volunteer, non-profit dedicated to helping Inyo and Mono County residents and their pets. We have no paid employees, we receive no government funding and have no rented office space. Founding board members, Ted and Lisa Schade, along with current and longstanding board members Lynne Almeida, Karen Cudney, Rose Kuljerich, Mike Slates and Theona Wasson, have carried on the good work ever since, including raising a total of over a half million dollars to fund 12,000 spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs from Tecopa to Coleville.
    After an extensive two-year fundraising campaign in 2013 and 2014, ICARE realized its long-time goal of replacing the 95 year-old dairy barn that Inyo County used as an animal shelter since the 1970's. Thanks to the incredible support of pet lovers throughout the Eastern Sierra and beyond, ICARE raised and contributed $416,000 to Inyo County to fund over half the cost of the $800,000 animal shelter. The modern new facility opened in July 2015 and provides a more pleasant experience for visitors and potential adopters, significantly increases the shelter’s capacity and, most importantly, improves living conditions for the resident homeless pets.
    ICARE believes the humane answer to the pet overpopulation challenge is prevention through spaying and neutering all of our cats and dogs. That’s why, every year, ICARE funds between 700 and 800 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for pet owners in need and has spent a total of $518,000 on 12,000 spay/neuter surgeries since 1998. That’s thousands of cats and dogs that weren’t born to face an uncertain future. Fewer litters born means more adoptive homes will be available for shelter pets.
    The success of ICARE’s efforts can be easily measured by the animal shelter’s statistics. Because fewer cats and dogs are being born, thanks to ICARE’s spay/neuter funding, the total number of cats and dogs impounded (strays and owner turn-ins) have decreased by almost half (from 1,164 to 609 in 2015). For over 20 years, ICARE photographed and promoted the shelter animals and contributed to adoptions skyrocketing from just 82 in 1996 to 334 in 2015 (a 400% increase!). But the number that really counts is the number of shelter dogs and cats that are euthanized each year. This figure has dropped from 970 in 1996 to just 49 in 2015—a 95% reduction! Of course, we believe that even one animal killed is one too many and we will continue to work to bring that number to zero.
    ICARE is committed to continue funding spay/neuter surgeries for the Eastern Sierra’s companion animals in need. Of course, none of this is possible without the incredible support of our faithful donors. If you’d like to learn more about ICARE, you may visit us on-line at: www.ICAREforPets.org. If you’d like to help animals, you may send your tax-deductible donation to: ICARE, P.O. Box 76, Bishop, CA 93515 - Telephone: 760-872-3802